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Champagne Jacket @ "Temporary" single launch

"Temporary" single launch, Brunswick

Join Champagne Jacket in celebrating the release of “Temporary” - a big song about a little pebble. But don’t let the pebble hear you say that. This pebble has seen the beginning of the universe and will outlive your entire species…
Tickets on the door will be 50% more so do buy online in advance!
This long time crowd favourite is finally making it out into the Spotiverse (other platforms are available). Temporary is long form psychedelic blues poetry, woven together with three part harmonies, edgy guitars and ethereal synths, as Champagne Jacket charts a beach pebble’s story from the universe’s beginnings.
Champagne Jacket will be joined by the charismatic Tom & the Cartoonists and the unashamedly epic Clodagh & The Monologue.
Considered renaming the band Champagne and the Jacquettes. Thoughts?
And Ringo Barr - what a venue. Good sound, good beer, good vibes.

"Sarah" out now

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“Sarah” repaints serotonin as “the one that got away” in an upbeat pop funk love song devoted to that most coveted of neurotransmitters. Bowie meets Bruno Mars in Jack’s sultry yet speedy vocals on a head nodding bed of Nile Rodgers and Jamiroquai style grooves.

Sarah is the first single from an EP recorded with Gormie (Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin) at Treehouse Studios, Victoria.

Reframing mental health as a lover that was taken for granted, the song recounts those substance-fuelled feel-good moments you had together, through a lens of nostalgia and a tinge of regret. 


Lush and immensely tantalising sound … refined and sleek musicianship” - Indie Buddie