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Champagne Jacket @ "Slumbering" single launch

"Slumbering" single launch, Northcote

oin Champagne Jacket in celebrating the long awaited release of "Slumbering", a dreamy song about the Brexit nightmare. With support from Gray Moyle, the night will be full of connection, optimism and hope, the Saturday before the UK goes to the polls.

Slumbering is the third release from Champagne Jacket's upcoming EP recorded with Gormie (of Angie McMahon). Indie disco banger “Sarah”, released in November 2023, repainted serotonin as “the one that got away”. Temporary, released in May, told the life story of a beach pebble. Now, in a response to a Boris Johnson’s speech about Brexit, “Slumbering” is a fable lamenting the fate of that giant woken unwisely.

Champagne Jacket will be supported by Gray Moyle who is smashing it with his awesome guitar skills and gravelly silk melodies on themes of nature, surfing, parenting, divorce and the grind of being human.

"Temporary" out now

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Long form psychedelic blues poetry about the fleeting nature of life, "Temporary" is the story of an arrogant wiser-than-thou beach pebble in an epic burn to humanity.  Expect Jeff Buckley meets Pink Floyd with seasick guitars, floating synths and unafraid three part harmony.

Temporary is the second single from an EP recorded with Gormie (Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin) at Treehouse Studios, Victoria.



Lush and immensely tantalising sound … refined and sleek musicianship” - Indie Buddie