A light heart, a deep soul and a big sound.  Champagne Jacket is the moniker of UK born singer/songwriter and composer Jack Lewis, based in Naarm/Melbourne.  

His songs reframe life from other perspectives: the arrested teenager, the “other” woman; and even the ancient, cynical pebble, in a hunt for understanding and connection. 

After releasing acoustic folk epic “My Island” in 2016, Jack travelled from the UK to Australia without taking a single flight (though it took him 11 months). He settled into a mixed clown and musician community, producing the original score for award winning comedy series “Meet the Mullets” (The Travelling Sisters), “The Wholesome Hour” and “Drag Story Time” (POPOMOCO).  In 2021 Jack relaunched as Champagne Jacket with the release of modern blues classic “Walls of China”, angsty soul-rocker “Tell Me” in 2022 and indie disco banger "Sarah" in 2023 and then "Temporary" in 2024.

In 2023 Champagne Jacket produced the music for chart-topping and multi-award winning queer comedy sci-fi podcast “Starship Q Star'', while recording a new EP with producer Alex O’Gorman (Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin).   

"Temporary" is the second release from this EP.  Released 17th May 2024, the track is long form psychedelic blues poetry about the fleeting nature of life, told by an arrogant wiser-than-thou beach stone in an epic burn.

Champagne Jacket gigs as a 5 piece, ranging from delicate acoustic whispers to powerful crescendos thick with heavy guitar and three part harmony, interspersed by Jack’s frankly unpredictable stage banter.  

On his motivation, Jack says: “I write songs from a wandering life, as a city slicker, diving instructor, volunteer police officer, ocean sailor, pseudo-foreigner, and estranged friend, son and brother.  I’m fascinated at how the truth changes when you change your perspective and songwriting turns out to be the perfect playground for this”.

Champagne Jacket drips with wit and imagery, warming you with catchy tunes and a bit of class & sparkle.